Kimberley Scoble


Comment by: Judy Coven
I loved looking through your portfolio--your paintings are wonderful. My favorites are the landscapes and watercolors, and I'm happy to have a small version of one on my refrigerator--thanks!

Comment by: Jane Smith
Love your work! I am an "ancient" painter revived and looking for a niche. Tole painter most of my life. You have given me inspiration to go mini or small, but probably in horses/dogs and whatever turns me on. Even flowers.
Comment by: Lorna& Bill
Showing your work to FL artist friends.
Comment by: barbara
Hi, saw your work in Glastonbury on the green.
Comment by: Pat Branciforte
I enjoyed talking with you at the Glastonbury Arts Fair on September 10th. I love the way you capture a simple object and put it on a lace tablecloth and it looks gorgeous - simple but beautiful.
Comment by: K.
The website's lookin' great. I feel special having two of your works (both of which are prominently displayed).
Comment by: Carol B. Schpero
Congratulations Kim.....Your talent is awesome.....and you are so modest about it...I have been talking with you for years and you never discussed your enormous ability...Thanks for the brochure....Carol
Comment by: Julia Weiner
Aunt Kim--- I truly love your portraits, one in particular.
Comment by: Alice
Kim, I know how dedicated you have always been to your art work and now the whole world can see! Such wonderful talent and I look forward to seeign more. Alice
Comment by: Alison Taylor
Kimberley--What a great job you did on this website. It really illuminates each beautiful, impressive piece. I'm going to browse more, at my leisure, this weekend. We are proud of you and marvel at your talent! Alison
Comment by: colin
Kim this is wonderful. Such talent should be available to a wider audience. Congrats on a beautiful website. Colin
Comment by: Beth
Kim--Your work is incredible---as it always has been. It seems like yeterday that I was struggling with my ed projects and you were creating such beautiful work!! I still have the charcoal drawings you did for me back at UConn!! Keep going with this!!! The site is beautiful!!!
Comment by: Lorna
Your art is beautiful. I especially love your portraits. Those you have done for both of my boys are wonderful.
Comment by: Jo
Kim - Your website is fabulous and I am so proud to see "Some of my favorites". You have so many beautiful images and this is a wonderful way to showcase them. I also like this guestbook feature. Wonderful!!!!!
Comment by: SJ
Kim, Looks great. I have our portrait hanging proudly on our family wall. Best of everything.
Comment by: Libba
Congratulations on your site - have your considered opening a shop on You should! The way you capture texture and light awes me. I love getting to see so much more of your work.
Comment by: Jackie
Kim - Thank you for sharing your work with me. You have continued to be an incredible artist just as you were in the early years at UConn. It is great to see your growth as an artist. Wonderful!
Comment by: Stacy Cochran
Hi Kim! Love the website. We still have the picture of Hannah you painted (my parents gave it to us as a present) a few years back when she was little. We love it. Thanks for capturing her when she was so young and sweet!
Comment by: Meg Brash
Kimberley, Your work is so wonderful, you have really grown as an artist.. and the apples do look good enough to want one!
Comment by: Rebecca
Your still lifes are lovely!

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